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EPL Rundown: Saturday 2.27

We’re back to our normally scheduled programming this weekend with a 3-game EPL slate across what seems like an eternity for a Saturday. Nonetheless, we have a deep player pool, at forward in particular, which is a luxury we are not often afforded. I also think the Leeds vs. Villa game should be a really […]

UCL Rundown: Wednesday 2.24

The round of 16 continues on Wednesday afternoon with another 2-match slate. Both matches are 3+ totals so this could be a fun one with plenty of goals expected on paper. As usual, the majority of the article is going to discuss what I believe the optimal plays are, however, keep in mind that as […]

UCL Rundown: Tuesday 2.23

The UCL knockout stage continues this week and we have another 2-match slate on Tuesday that features the defending champs, Bayern. I think there is a fairly clear optimal build strategy but for tournaments remember that a 2-match slate should essentially be treated like a showdown. By that I mean the way to take down […]

EPL Rundown: Saturday 2.20

Hey folks, hope you’re all doing well. Apologies for getting this one out a bit later than normal but it’s been a hell of a week here in Texas. Needless to say, some EPL action this Saturday is a welcome distraction. You know the drill – it’s a 3 match slate staggered across what seems […]

UCL Rundown: Wednesday 2.17

Knockout stage UCL continues Wednesday afternoon with two more matches. It’s an unusual slate by UCL standards as both match totals are 2.5 or lower. It pays to be contrarian in tournaments on a 2-match slate and as far as cash/optimal goes, these teams are so evenly matched that I think it makes sense to […]

UCL Rundown: Tuesday 2.16

Woooooo! That’s how the return of Champions League has got me feeling. Tuesday we have a 2-match slate that features two high-profile matchups: Barcelona vs. PSG and RB Leipzig vs. Liverpool. *showdown, 2 legs, conservative NOTE: Due to the ice storm in Texas, I (Brendan) will be filling in for Leland on the notes and […]

EPL Rundown: Saturday 2.13

This weekend we have a 3-match staggered start EPL slate with all matches kicking off at distinct times. While I don’t love the long waits between kick offs I am a fan of the pricing on this slate because I think it leaves us with some reasonable alternatives (if we want to take them) to […]

EPL Rundown: Saturday 2.5

Weekend EPL is upon us and I’ll issue my standard disclaimer: we have 3 distinct kick off times so make sure you plan accordingly with pivots/alternatives in the later matches. Luckily, on this slate I think we can be pretty confident about the lineups we’ll see in the two later kickoffs. Overall, it’s a fairly […]

EPL Rundown: Wednesday 2.3

The goods news is that we have a 5-match EPL slate on Wednesday afternoon with a number of top teams. The bad news is that we have a tricky schedule to deal with that features matches kicking off in 3 waves. Being aware of who is likely to start and what pivots are available is […]

EPL Rundown: Tuesday 2.2

The midweek EPL slates continue this week so the the EPL rundowns shall continue as well. On Tuesday we have a 4-match slate across two kickoff times. Overall, the only significant favorite on the slate is Manchester United (-200) but it’s not a situation where we’re going to be looking to stack United in an […]

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