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LMX Rundown: 3.15.20

Hey everybody, I hope you’re healthy and doing well. As you know, DFS is almost dead (for the foreseeable future) but we do have one more huge LMX slate tonight with a $75K GPP on DK so I thought I’d break it down so everyone can get their fix in before we’ve got nothing left […]

UCL Rundown 3.10.20

The second leg ties of the round of the UCL round of 16 are upon us. As was the case with the first leg matches, we get two matches on Tuesday and two matches on Wednesday so making adjustments between Tuesday and Wednesday remains crucial here. One interesting note this week is that as of […]

EPL Rundown 3.7.20

Leland has, unfortunately, had something come up this weekend that looks to take him out of the 18. I’ll be stepping in again and thank you to everyone for the feedback after the other time I had to fill-in for Leland. I think this weekend looks to be very interesting with a few clear ways […]

EPL Rundown: 2.29.20

We’ve got a 4-game slate on tap this weekend featuring two obvious favorites and two pick ’em matches. Pricing is tight this week so fitting in all the pieces we want won’t be an easy task. Alright, let’s get going and win some money this weekend! Notes/Updates: Takeaways: With a number of changes Ritchie and […]

UCL Rundown: 2.25.20

Welcome all, this week we have the second wave of round of 16 first leg ties. As a reminder, each matchup is a 2-leg home/away tie. The winner on aggregate advances, however, the away goal rule is in effect. For example, if a team ties 1-1 at home and then ties 0-0 away, they are […]

EPL Rundown: 2.22.20

Welcome in all, I have great news: we’ve finally got a (nearly) full slate of EPL matches to look forward to on Saturday. This week I have pretty clear thoughts on how each of these matches will play out. This means identifying player targets and optimal roster construction has been somewhat straight forward compared to […]

UCL Rundown: 2.19.20

We are back, we are getting the Champions League back! Seems like it’s been forever but finally the UCL returns this week for the knockout stage. The round of 16 features, you guessed it, 16 teams. Each matchup is a 2-leg home/away tie. The winner on aggregate advances, however, the away goal rule is in […]

EPL Rundown: 2.15.20

Another day, another showdown slate thanks to the slow EPL calendar this month. Now I know the showdown between Wolves and Leicester left much to be desired and was all about floor, however, this match between Norwich and Liverpool will be a very different contest. Therefore, we need to shift our mindset – there will […]

EPL Rundown: 2.14.20

Welcome back all. Things continue to be rather slow in terms of EPL action so let’s kick off the weekend with the Friday showdown. This match features two evenly matched squads so I think the focus should be on identifying the best plays, regardless of team. I don’t foresee one side totally dominating the other […]

EPL Rundown: 2.8.20

It’s a quiet EPL weekend once again with only 4 total matches (2 Saturday and 2 Sunday). DraftKings does have a 2-game slate posted for Saturday but the prize pools are significantly bigger for the Brighton v Watford showdown. For that reason, I thought I’d cover the showdown this weekend (and 4:30 AM is also […]

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