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UCL Rundown: Wednesday 11.25

Matchday 4 of the UCL rolls on and we have another slate of repeat reverse fixtures from a few weeks back. Even though Juve underperformed yesterday, the Juve stack was enough to get it done in cash games (largely thanks to an underowned Cuadrado) as long as you rostered Bruno Fernandes (who by the way, […]

UCL Rundown: Tuesday 11.23

The UCL group stage is back for Matchday 4 and we’ve got a really interesting 6-game slate that features 6 teams as -150 favorites or better. In addition, five of six matches feature totals of 3 or better so as usual, goals are certainly expected. With that said, Juventus really stand out as the one […]

EPL Rundown: Saturday 11.21

The international break is over and the EPL returns this weekend with a 3-game slate on DraftKings. If you ask me, this is one of the better EPL slates we’ve had this season as it includes some big teams like City, United, and Spurs, as well as an Aston Villa side that have had a […]

EPL Rundown: Saturday 11.7

We’ve got one more EPL slate before the international break and fortunately we’re back up to a 3-gamer – although we do have the staggered start times as has become the norm for the EPL this season. Chelsea are the only “big” favorite on the slate at -260 currently, but as I’ll discuss below, it’s […]

UCL Rundown: Wednesday 10.4

It would be tough to match what we saw in terms of goals on yesterday’s slate but we’re set up to potentially get there as we have 6 matches that are currently at roughly 3+ totals (with the Juve match perhaps leaning just slightly under). It’s also a slate where we have 3 significant favorites […]

UCL Rundown: Tuesday 11.3

With a shortened season this year we’re moving into our third consecutive week of group stage UCL matches which is welcome news as it means we’re back to these awesome 6-match slates. I think this slate is set up to be an absolute goal fest with 4 matches currently sitting at totals of 3.5 or […]

EPL Rundown: Saturday 10.31

We’re back to a 2-match EPL slate for Halloween weekend. As a reminder, these 2-match slates require very similar thinking to that of a showdown slate. I’ll discuss what I think the optimal roster construction is but as far as GPPs go, it’s all about game theory and finding potential leverage on the field. So, […]

UCL Rundown: Wednesday 10.28

Welcome back all, I’m here to get you geared up for another 6-match UCL slate. As far as UCL slates go, this is a really strange one. We only have two clear favorites here and overall, the match totals are on the lower side. This is evidenced by the fact that there is just one […]

UCL Rundown: Tuesday 10.27

Group stage UCL returns this Tuesday and Wednesday and we’ll have two more 6-match simultaneous kick off slates which is such a breath of fresh air from EPL this season. As was the case Tuesday of last week, we have some clear mispricing from DK here that gives us a pretty clear path to constructing […]

EPL Rundown: Saturday 10.24

Welcome back folks, the soccer continues to come thick and fast as we have EPL this Saturday and then two more awesome UCL slates to look forward to on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Sadly, we are back to staggered start times with EPL action this weekend. However, the good news is that I […]

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