Registration FAQ

We are sorry you are having issues trying to register for one of our products. We have disagnosed a couple known issues with the registration process and come up with a couple fixes that may help you to complete your purchase:

Can’t make a payment

We understand that there are some issues with making payments on Paypal and using a card. There appears to be an issue with specific web browsers in terms of taking and completing payments with our hosting site. If you’re having issues making payments try to register using a different browser ie. if you are using Chrome open up Internet Explorer and try to register that way. It’s a weird issue, but something we have identified nonetheless.

Paypal not accepting payment

If you are getting kicked back on Paypal specifically and receiving an error message on the paypal checkout after entering your email and password, try hitting the back button on your browser and re-entering your email and password again. We have had instances with Paypal kicking back information for no reason and this has remedied it in the past.

Registered and can’t view content

We have recieved some tickets that are in reference to viewing specific content based on a package purchased. The paywall for the site went through a bit of an overhaul this week and the way that content was maintained caused some issues with current subscribers as well as the way that subscribers were handled in the database. If you are having this issue, please DM @NumberBallDFS or @Paydirt_DFS on twitter and they will help you with whatever content issues you are having.

Canceled recurring payments and can’t view content

If you have canceled recurring payments for either the PGA yearly or PGA monthly packages, we are experiencing a bug that is wiping user access completely upon cancellation. This is certainly annoying, but shoot a DM to either @NumberBallDFS or @Paydirt_DFS on twitter and they can help you get your access back.

We understand that these issues are frustrating and are working towards getting things back on track so you can view the content that NumberBall provides. Thank you for your patience!