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The Backdoor Cover 3.8.20

Welcome to The Backdoor Cover, formerly known as the NBA Betting Guide. We are making a few formatting changes in an effort to help you, the NumberBet sub, consume the information and data we provide you. Section one of the BDC will have our top plays for the day. We will provide you with the […]

The Backdoor Cover 3.7.20

Welcome to the Saturday edition of The Backdoor Cover! Hopefully you were able to watch the Bucks and the Lakers last night, which may have been a Finals Preview. Today, we’ve got a six game slate but nothing really stands out as a must watch match up. Tonight’s ABC game features the 76ers minus Joel […]

The Backdoor Cover 3.1.20

After a mixed bag of results last night, we are ready to hit the ground running with an exciting NBA slate. Today features the Lebron/Zion rematch, although it is the Lakers’ third game in four days.  Just like yesterday, just because I am pumped to watch that game, it will not be one I am […]

The Backdoor Cover 2.29.20

Welcome to the Leap day edition of The Backdoor Cover.  Today, we are treated to an eight game NBA slate, which includes an ABC prime-time game between the Houston Rockets and the Boston Celtics.  As you’ve probably heard us mention before, just because I’m going to be watching this game tonight does not mean I […]

The Backdoor Cover 2.23.20

Welcome to Sunday’s edition of The Backdoor Cover!  Yesterday saw us continue our hot streak, pushing us to 8-0 since the All Star Break.  Today, we are treated to a Celtics/Lakers matchup on ABC, but I will not be recommending a wager for that game.  Instead, I’ve got two other game level wagers that I […]