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July Football Rankings Update: Key Stands

Whenever there’s a big update to the rankings, I want to give an explanation on the guys that stick out compared to their ADP. Here’s a few, and I’ll add more. Player | Rank | ADP Ezekiel Elliott | RB6 | RB3 — This ranking might not even be representative of how unlikely I am […]

ZeroRB Target List

If you’re going with the ZeroRB approach, it’s important that you’re doing it with an emphasis on high-upside RBs late in the draft. People think it’s just about taking RBs late in the draft in general, but there are plenty of late RBs that wouldn’t fit the strategy very well. Take the mindset of each […]

Kyler Murray vs. Daniel Jones

Why you should pass on Kyler Murray for Daniel Jones later in the draft… Every season there are guys that catch too much hype and the group-think leads to extremely inflated ADPs. The biggest example of that this offseason so far is with Kyler Murray. I love the quarterback, but he’s the third QB off […]

Nelson’s Draft Stream

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RB Roles

I’ll update it as situations evolve, but this spreadsheet will be helpful with identifying handcuffs and ZeroRB targets. Some teams use committees because they feel that they have multiple talented running backs that they want out there, and others because of a general philosophy that stays the same regardless of personnel. As of 6.8 it […]

Fantasy Points from Touchdowns

When you’re analyzing statistics from last year with the intent to help you project for 2020, you need to have an understanding of what happened compared to what was likely to happen. If a running back averaged 8.4 yards per carry on the season, that’s not what was likely to happen and it would not […]

Pick Value in Trades

If you’ve never done a dynasty startup with a slow draft where you can trade any of your picks, you’ve been missing out. How to value each pick might start off as your biggest challenge, but nailing some trades can set a firm foundation for years if you know what you’re doing. Whether your strategy […]

Build Your Own NFL Projections

It’s been too long. The last time we were all here talking football was week five of the XFL season. We were chewing bubble gum and kicking ass – and we had just run out of bubble gum. So here we are, forced to turn our attention to the second best professional football league, the […]

Nelson’s FFPC Draft Stream

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FFPC Best Ball Roster Construction Cheat Sheet

I’ve been playing in some FFPC Best Ball leagues to stay sharp and wanted to pass along the optimal roster construction ranges. While you can slide between these numbers based on your strength at each position, I don’t recommend going outside of them. Standard best ball format with 28 roster spots QB: 2 – 4 […]

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