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NFL Content Schedule


Main Slate Process/Lineup Review — James McCool

Each week, McCool will be breaking down one of Jefe’s lineups from the main slate along with multiple subscriber lineups. We will go over the process that lead to Jefe’s lineup and comparing that to what could have been improved with the subscriber lineups. The goal is to teach the process to the champ himself and continue to improve everyone along the way.



NFL Usage Rates and Notes — Justin Freeman

Every Tuesday, Justin updates our usage rates and adds notes to each player so you can dissect how each player is trending heading into the upcoming week. With a look at snap rate, rushing market, share, target market share, and air yard market share, Justin’s notes add on these peripheral numbers which help us find hidden gems.


Main Slate First Look — Jeff Collins, Justin Freeman, James McCool

The initial breakdown of the upcoming main slate for NFL will be handled by the Jeff, James, and Justin each week. They will provide analysis on pricing, matchups, and early projections in terms of each team and position and give thoughts on the best plays and spots to stack.



TNF Showdown Podcast — Justin Freeman

A podcast lead by Justin Freeman and James McCool that will go over the Thursday showdown contests as well as the full slate contest that includes Thursday and Monday. It will encompass full showdown strategy and construction tips as well as giving insight into the entire group of games and where you should focus your action in terms of contest selection.



Matchups Article — James McCool

A full game-by-game breakdown of the main slate provided by James McCool. This weekly piece will contain every bit of meaningful information for the games, from defensive matchups to exploit to role changes and usage that we can expect from the skill players.



NFL Rundown — Jeff Collins

The main slate breakdown by the man himself, Jeff Collins will give you everything you need to know about the slate from his point of view. This will include thoughts on projected tournament ownership and where to find an edge. With this as your primary guide, you’ll be fully prepared for the upcoming week of NFL.

NumberBall Lineup Lock Livestream — Jeff Collins, Justin Freeman

We will be hosting a livestream at approximately 9:00 pm EST each week to go over some final thoughts leading up to the Main Slate. This will be a position-by-position report of the most popular players and our stance on who the “good” and “bad” chalk is — and how to find the most leverage. The livestream will be available for replay immediately following the show.



NFL Rundown Updates — Jeff Collins

As news breaks, be sure to check back on Jefe’s feature column for continuous updates on Sunday morning. Game-time decisions, healthy scratches, windy weather, and more can impact your last second decisions. Be sure to stay tuned for updates to improve your edge.