NBA November Results

The NBA season is in full swing and most teams have played close to twenty games at this point. As we get more data and incorporate more information into our models, they should get sharper. Look for this article at the start of every month because at NumberBet we will always be transparent and not run from our numbers.

The month of November, our wagers show a small profit of +0.18%. We arrived at that number by being -2.39% on games and totals, but +2.57% on player props. Collectively for the entire NBA season at NumberBet we are +5.09% on NBA wagers. We were +4.91% in October (Props, games and totals combined) and then +0.18% in the month of November. While it is nice to be up in percent, we will always be working to improve our models and get better.

It is very important to be aware of how we arrived at these numbers exactly. Again, we will not hide from our numbers; instead, we will break them down in detail. Player props went 5-3 in October, then 4-1 in November, for a total of 9-4. Player props are usually posted a little later in the day and we plan to focus a little more on these in the future.

In October, we went 30-29-0 in NBA game sides and totals. This month we went 66-65-2. Collectively, that would make us at NumberBet for NBA sides and totals 96-94-2 on the season. Looking at those numbers in depth and I can tell you we have gone 34-44 on NBA totals. (13-18 in October and 21-26 in November) However, our suggested bets on game sides is significantly better. We are in total 62-50-2 on game sides. (17-11 in October and 45-39-2 in November)

Season Long Bet Updates
Hopefully, before the season started you read our NBA season long betting guide. In that guide we gave out several team win totals and some futures bets as well. After the first two months of the season, let us look at how they are doing.

Highest Total Regular Season Win Total All Teams Under 62.5 -160
It is still a little too early to tell on this one. Some of these top end teams need to slow down a little.

Sixers over 54.5 Wins -115
The Sixers are right on pace to just hit the over here. Getting Josh Richardson back could help this situation a lot.

Nuggets Over 52.5 Wins -125
This is looking very good. Jokic still looks like he eats like me though.

Warriors Under 48.5 Wins -130
I said it last month and I will say it again, they should just declare this a winner already.

Pelicans Over 39.5 Wins -115
Zion, please come back so we might have a chance at this!

Jazz Over 53.5 Wins -105
I do not know what is happening in Utah, but it is not good right now.

Mavericks Over 40.5 Wins -125
Surprise team of the season in the Western conference and this is going to come in easily.

Trae Young Over 8 Assists Per Game -140
Last month Trae was sitting at 8.4 assists per game. As of this writing Trae is sitting at 8.4 assists per game.

Sixers -200 Division +600 NBA Championship
The Sixers look awful at times, but are only one game back in their division and will be a tough playoff out. I think they need to make a change to shake things up, maybe the coach.

Pacers +500 Division +5000 NBA Championship
The Pacers are 14-7 and their best player is in the G-League getting ready to return. I really like where they sit currently. They are only 4.5 games back of the Bucks and still hanging around in the division.

We will be back at the end of December with another update. Until then, be careful out there!