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Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 Rundown

Slate Analysis: This race is the last that we get from any NASCAR division for the next few weeks because of the Olympic break, so let’s try to win this money while we can! New Hampshire will be the shortest race in terms of the total distance we see this season at only 301 miles. […]

Quaker State 400 Rundown

Slate Analysis: The 2021 edition of this race will be much different from its 2020 counterpart and the years prior mainly because it will be run at Atlanta instead of Kentucky, which no longer hosts NASCAR sanctioned races. If you’re not aware of Atlanta’s gimmick for its track by now, it’s that this track has […]

Jockey Made in America 250 Rundown

Slate Analysis: Pocono was a much more fun race weekend than I ever could have expected a pair of Pocono races to be. A lot of excitement in both races in their own way. Now we get to go to a road course and a road course that this series has never driven in. Many […]

Explore the Pocono Mountains 350 Rundown

Slate Analysis: The fun part about this weekend is that we get two Cup Series races to dwell on. The lineup is set for this race because the drivers that finished 1-20 on Saturday are inverted (20th starting on the pole, 19th to 2nd, and so on) while the cars that finished 21-38th start in […]

Pocono Organics CBD 325 Rundown

Slate Analysis: This is the first of two races that we will be seeing at Pocono this weekend as part of NASCAR’s only single weekend doubleheader. This used to be a track that got two weekends a year, but drivers have notoriously hated this track so much to the point where they decided to condense […]

Ally 400 Rundown

Slate Analysis: We are back to points-paying races after the mess (for lack of wanting to use a more inappropriate phrase in this article) of a race that the All-Star race in Texas was. Hamlin pitting on the last lap for the loos lug nut was the icing on the cake for that being such […]

2021 All Star Race Rundown

Slate Analysis: While this is still technically a NASCAR race, it really doesn’t resemble that fact. I could go on and on about how pointless this week’s charade is, but I don’t think you’re here to hear my takes on NASCAR as an organization and how many gimmicks they feel the need to throw in […]

Toyota / Save Mart 350 Rundown

Slate Analysis: After the lap turner that was the Charlotte race, we go to a road course at Sonoma for the first time since 2019 (this was a track that had its date canceled last season). The most notable change from the 2019 race to this one is the use of the low downforce racing […]

Interview w/ BeepImaJeep (Jay Raynor)

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Coca-Cola 600 Rundown

Slate Analysis: If you like long races, this is something that you will be very interested in. As the name implies, this is a 600-mile race that will span 400 laps over four stages instead of the normal three. Quick NASCAR rant here. Although being considered a “crown jewel” race, this race is the antithesis […]

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