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Big Machine Hand Sanitizer 400

Last weekend, we watched not one, but two races from Pocono. A 2.5-mile race track that does not allow for a lot of passing and where clean air means that you are going to lead, at least until moves on pit road make you lose the lead. Indianapolis is very similar in this way. Indy […]

Pocono 350 Rundown

After watching Kevin Harvick go to victory lane on Saturday, we are back at it again today once again at Pocono! The starting lineup for this race was set up by inverting the top-20 finishers of the Saturday race. The drivers who finished 21st or worse will start where they finished on Saturday. If we […]

Pocono Organics 325 Rundown

This weekend is considered a unique weekend for NASCAR overall, as this will be the first cup series double-header in history. We do have recent examples of NASCAR using doubleheaders in some of their lower series, so we know that the sport knows how to do them. Pocono is my home track, so it saddens […]

Geico 500 Rundown

After watching Denny Hamlin dominate at Homestead, we go to a track that is an entirely different beast at Talladega. At a restrictor-plate track such as Talladega, we’re not looking for guys who’re going to become dominators in the race. Instead, we’re looking for six drivers that will one finish the race. And two gain […]

Dixie Vodka 400 Rundown

The circumstances surrounding this race in Homestead are much different then what we’ve seen in the past. This race, of course, is in June. While in past years, NASCAR has used this track to host its championship race. Which is usually held in November. This will make a big difference in all aspects of the […]

Blue Emu Maximum Pain Relief 500 Rundown

This Martinsville race is quite different from anything we’ve seen before. This will be a night race as opposed to any of the other races we’ve seen NASCAR run here. There should be a lot more grip on the track then we would see in a day race. Because of how the aerodynamic packages workout, […]

Folds Of Honor QuikTrip 500 Rundown

When it comes to Atlanta, this is a much different racing situation that we had last week at Bristol. Atlanta is a 1.5-mile cookie-cutter track that would be comparable to the likes of Charlotte, a track that we saw a couple of weeks ago. The strategy here is pretty similar to other tracks that are […]

Supermarket Heroes 500 Rundown

With two Charlotte races in the books, we move onto Bristol, which is an entirely different beast when it comes to lineup construction (I’ll get to that in a bit). Bristol is a half-mile track that makes it hard to pass with only a single groove where there is any real grip. We should also […]

Alsco 500 Rundown

The Coke 600 was the long race that we anticipated—made even longer with the rain delay in the middle of the first stage. But still gave us excitement at the end after Byron’s spin. We now transition into Wednesday’s race, one that is 500 kilometers, not miles. This race will be 208 laps instead of […]

Coca-Cola 600 Rundown

Wednesday’s race ran close to completion, which is more then I expected to head into the day. Next up, we get the Coke 600, which is considered a premier NASCAR race. Like the title mentions, this race will go 600 miles, or 400 laps on this 1.5-mile track. A 600-mile race is the most that […]

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