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When entering the fantasy sports industry in 2011, one thing that struck me was how supportive the long-time veterans were of “rival” businesses. Experienced leaders such as Rick Wolf and Matthew Berry made it a point to talk up the others around them at every opportunity and offer assistance to the newcomers that had questions. This was done while still maintaining a strong competitive spirit that many of us can relate to (and in my case can get carried away with at times). From my perspective everyone was in it together and nobody was excluded, because all anyone cared about was growing “fantasy sports” as a whole. Nearly a decade later I’ve worked with multiple companies and made plenty of friends along the way, and it’s great finding the people in our community that are doing good in the world.

So here’s the plan:

As I said on Twitter during baseball season, I’m going to be giving away my winnings from the live finals that I make through the end of 2020. Half will go to charity, and half will be given back to my subscribers as a thank you for their support. I realize that if we get results similar to what I had last year then I may even be giving away more money than I’ll make myself this year, but that’s exactly what I hope happens! I’ll announce a featured charity for the season following each live final with the hope that others join the effort as well. A big focus of what we’ll do will be to recognize the great causes that have already been established by the fantasy sports community, so naturally it makes sense that our first donation drive will be for Drew Dinkmeyer’s Welly Maker 3.0.

Drew is one of the good guys in DFS and a leader that deservedly gets a massive amount of respect from his peers. He has led three campaigns to get people access to clean drinking water that have already helped an estimated 5,200+ people. I’m proud to support Dinkmeyer this year in the Welly Maker 3.0 which has raised over $60,000 with the rest of December still left to go.

I have contributed $30k to that from my MLB live final winnings and it would be unreal if we could get his campaign over $100k before the end of the year.

I’m not asking anyone to make nearly as big of a commitment as this one, but I encourage you to consider donating a percentage of your DFS winnings this week with me. Or if you want to keep things more simple, commit to donating $10 or $100 or whatever amount if you turn a profit this week, but $5 if you don’t. Or if you don’t feel the need to turn everything into a game like I do… just donate a certain amount regardless of what happens on the DFS slate.

Here’s a little about the Welly Maker:

Welly Maker 3.0

  • Provides clean drinking water
  • 100% of the money is used for clean water projects
  • It’s estimated that $30 provides clean water for one person’s lifetime
  • Welly Maker 1.0 went to Mozambique
  • Welly Maker 2.0 went to Mali
  • Welly Maker 3.0 will go to Uganda


Click here to donate to the Welly Maker 3.0 with me!!!


And here’s the plan to keep this going through the end of 2020: 

  • December 2019
    • $60k won during 2019 MLB live finals was split like this:
      • $30k to the Welly Maker 3.0
      • $30k NFL subscriber freeroll on FanDuel
  • March 2020
    • Funded with 2019 NFL live final winnings
      • 50% to charity
      • 50% to NBA subscriber freeroll
  • August 2020
    • Funded with 2020 NBA live final winnings
      • 50% to charity
      • 50% to MLB subscriber freeroll
  • December 2020
    • Funded with 2020 MLB live final winnings
      • 50% to charity
      • 50% to NFL subscriber freeroll
  • March 2021
    • Funded with 2020 NFL live final winnings
      • 50% to charity
      • 50% to NBA subscriber freeroll

Here are some of the other good causes that we’ll be donating money to and/or partnering with in 2020:

Fantasy Cares

Scott Fish has been in this industry for a long time as a writer, business owner, and of course commissioner among other things. He stands out not only as someone with a mission to help people in need, but also as a guy that found a fun way to bring the community together with the Scott Fish Bowl. That’s how I became familiar with him, and I really admire what he’s been able to accomplish. In 2018 he was named one of The Athletic’s “Persons of the Year”. He runs Fantasy Cares, which is largely known for holiday toy drives, but raises money for many different causes. Their donation window for 2019 is closed (and they are busy out buying toys for kids), but here’s a link to the Fantasy Cares website.

  • Started in 2015
  • Majority of the money is used to buy toys for kids 
  • Raised $60,000 in 2019!!!

Raising for Effective Giving

It’s no surprise that Martin Crowley (who is one of the smartest DFS/poker players alive) introduced me to the sharpest way to approach giving. Effective altruism takes a data-driven and analytical approach towards figuring out which charities will be impacted the most per dollar. Sound familiar? I’m sure a lot of DFS players can relate. The concept of even just considering where a donation should be made in order to save the most lives and reduce the most suffering needs to be far more common than it is. REG does the work for us by using GiveWell, Animal Charity Evaluators, and other research institutes/evaluators to help figure out which problems to focus on and which charities are the best at what they do. Specific charities that they recommend can be found on their website, or you can just donate to their fund here.

  • Uses logic and data to inform decisions about giving
  • Prioritizes causes based on scale, solvability, and neglect
  • Emphasis on Poverty Alleviation, Animal Welfare, and Emerging Technology Risks

Redeeming Grace

Dave “CheeseIsGood” Potts is one of the best fantasy baseball players in the world and has proven it with two separate million dollar wins. He’s one of the nicest guys that you’ll ever meet and recently he introduced all of us on Twitter to his wife Lara. She has a non-profit which helps women released from correctional facilities. The video of that is below and here is the link to donate to Redeeming Grace.

*Live Finals are considered to be the DFS championship contests that you attend in person

*Must be an active NumberBall subscriber of the relevant sport to be eligible for the freeroll (eg., must be an active NFL subscriber to be eligible for the NFL freeroll)

*I will not be removing the cost of the entry fees from the “winnings”

*I have not removed money for taxes out of the “winnings”, but may decide to in the future

*There’s no guarantee that I will qualify for a live final in any given season, but I’ll try!

*I reserve the right to make adjustments to any aspect of this

Thank you for considering a donation to any of the causes here. Please do research yourself on anyone that you decide to give money to so that you have a clear understanding of where it’s going. I’m providing some direction for you, but NumberBall and I are not affiliated with these organizations. Nothing here is intended to be a political or religious statement, I just want to help people that need help.