Claude’s MMA Tips

Since he’s always dropping MMA tips for us in our company Slack chat, I asked Claude to type some of them up for us! Who is Claude? If you’ve ever interacted with NumberBall support that’s most likely who you were talking to. He’s an all-around sharp guy with everything from MMA to the stock market and one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. If you’re still learning the tricks to MMA DFS like I am then hopefully this will be helpful to you too.

— Jefe

Basic reminders when building MMA lineups

Claude Baker Jr.

  • In GPPs, you rarely want competing fighters in the same lineup. I can only recall one time when having competing fighters in the same lineup resulted in that being the optimal build. After the first fight you will see plenty of lineups sitting in 1st place because they had both sides of that fight. Those lineups are likely dead. You don’t want to be that player.
  • Check your lineups often leading up to lock. There’s nothing more frustrating than to have a fighter who has withdrawn, leaving a zero in your lineup. This year many UFC events have had fighters drop out late and replaced or the fight canceled. So check your lineups.
  • When you don’t have a heavy lean on either side of a fight and the odds are pretty close, there’s nothing wrong with playing both sides of it when building multiple lineups.
  • The women’s fights tend to be lower owned even though they aren’t necessarily projected to have lower scoring. That’s a market inefficiency that can be used to your advantage by targeting those fights more heavily.
  • Leave money on the table sometimes. It’s reasonable to leave more salary on the table in MMA than you would in other sports and it can help you avoid duplicate lineups. Up to $900 left over is easily doable, but possibly more some slates.
  • Even with MMA we need to consider a range of outcomes. Heavy favorites can lose. So don’t be afraid to build lineups against the $9k+ fighters.
  • Limit your fighter pool. Any fight that could project to have a slow pace and end in a decision is one that you could consider fading.
  • Check Vegas odds for Inside The Distance (ITD) on which fights are expected to end early. Fights ending early generally score better in DFS.