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Interview w/ BeepImaJeep (Jay Raynor)

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Developing a Research Process

I want to start this article off by saying thank you to each and every one of you that has been subscribing to my content at NumberBall this season. I’m grateful that I have this platform to share my knowledge and I sincerely hope that it has you on the track to becoming a better […]

Understanding Tactics and Game Flow

As discussed in a previous strategy article I wrote on leveraging sportsbook odds (here), looking at the implied team totals is my favorite way to begin my slate research. With that said, since the implied team totals are public information it only really gives us an edge on our opponents who fail to consider this […]

How to Utilize the Expected Goals (xG) Metric

If you follow soccer then you have probably heard the term expected goals (xG) used increasingly often in the past few years.  xG is an advanced metric that attempts to quantify how many goals a player (or team) should have been expected to score based on the quality of their scoring chances. The primary inputs […]

Post-Slate Analysis

Whether you win or lose in any given week post-slate analysis is vital if you want to improve as a player.  With soccer in particular we run the risk of making sub-optimal decisions yet still cashing due to goal variance from week to week.  On the flip side, it’s perhaps even more likely that we […]

Leveraging Sportsbook Odds for Soccer DFS

Utilizing sportsbook odds is an integral part of of my soccer DFS research process each week.  I say sportsbook odds and not “Vegas” because unlike NFL, MLB, NBA, etc., the lines on EPL games are set by sportsbooks largely based in Europe.  It’s the same idea though.  Every week these sportsbooks put out a total […]

EPL 2019/2020 Season Primer

The English Premier League is (almost) back baby! The purpose of this article is to serve as a primer to get you ready for the upcoming EPL DFS season. It covers all 20 EPL sides and is intended to provide an overview of what to expect from each club, including the relevant transfer business. While […]

Soccer DFS Scoring 101

This article will provide a basic breakdown and comparison of the scoring formats for soccer on both DraftKings and Fanduel (where, between the two sites, I’d estimate 95%+ of soccer DFS players take their action).  Even if you are quite familiar with the scoring on both sites it will be worthwhile to read this as […]