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NFL Rundown Week 12

Expectations and Goals Thank you for reading my article and I hope that you’re able to use it to assist you through your lineup building process. DFS is a very tough game to beat, so remember to set some realistic goals for yourself to accomplish this year rather than just single entering the Milly Maker […]

Week 8 Thursday NFL Rundown

The Washington Redskins travel to the Minnesota Vikings – who should you have in your showdown lineups!?

How to Approach Showdowns, In-Game Contests, and Flash Drafts

Justin goes solo and talks about single-game slates, in-game showdowns, and flash drafts.

NFL MME Settings Screenshare

Week 3 Waiver Wire Buy and Sell

Week 3 presents some interesting buying opportunities. Some players have disappointed two weeks in a row while their frustrated owners are facing an 0-2 start and looking to make a deal. There are a few injuries of note that have created opportunities for some guys who may be on your waiver wire. Waiver Buys: RB […]

Finding the Right Process: A Guide to Early-Season NFL DFS

In this podcast, Justin and McCool offer some helpful tips to help you find the right process for Week One and beyond. What information is important to pay attention to when making lineups and what can be ignored? Plus, a guide on how to spot good and bad chalk and how you can use that […]

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