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MLB Showdown Strategy

For those of you not familiar with DraftKings Showdown contests, here are the differences from the standard format: Rules / Scoring Differences It’s the same $50k salary cap, but with fewer roster spots (so everyone is priced up higher than in a standard contest) You roster six players total: one “Captain” and five utilities All […]

3 Max Lineup Build Review

As a follow up to a previous pod I did on taking a three lineup approach, here’s a review of how I built my (bad) lineups last night: You can see that I didn’t play anyone in all three lineups, but I did end up with Greinke, Lyles, Santander, and Tatis in 2/3. I’m fine […]

MLB 3 Max Contests

Throwback Pod! I’ll be re-releasing some of the key pods from last season and here is one of the more popular ones along with some new notes that I’ve added below:   Notes The idea is to build three lineups together of equal strength. You can start with your favorite stack paired with your favorite […]

MLB Intro Pod

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MLB Site Resources

I wanted to make it easy for everyone to find the sites that I’ve referenced using. Here they are with some notes on how I use them:   Fangraphs — You can find most baseball stats on FG and it’s easy to create custom pages like the one I use with the stats I value […]

Game Selection

Game Selection One thing I’ve been putting a bigger emphasis on recently than I ever have before is careful game selection. I’ve been encouraging friends and the NumberBall team to do the same also because it’s been extremely impactful for me. After winning over a million dollars a couple years ago, I certainly haven’t taken […]

MLB DFS 101 Podcast

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