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Game Selection

Game Selection One thing I’ve been putting a bigger emphasis on recently than I ever have before is careful game selection. I’ve been encouraging friends and the NumberBall team to do the same also because it’s been extremely impactful for me. After winning over a million dollars a couple years ago, I certainly haven’t taken […]

KBO Bullpens

There are challenges in how to integrate bullpens with predictions, whether it be with betting, DFS, or anything else. In fact, the way you evaluate bullpens should change within your DFS analysis also based on the specific purposes you have. If you’re trying to get a feel for how likely a bullpen would be to […]

Three Keys and KBO Lineup Review

Here’s a look at the two lineups I used (primary lineup on the left, secondary on the right).   This slate was made a little more complicated because of weather concerns and became more of a scramble than I’d prefer. Ultimately my favorite stack (KTW) came from a game that got rained out, so the […]

KBO Stack Core Guide

Maybe knowing which team to stack is never a challenge for you, but knowing which players to stack from each team is. Well the idea behind this guide here is to highlight the guys that you should be building your stacks around on each team. That doesn’t mean that your stack should only include these […]

KBO MME Settings Cheat Sheet

As most of you know, my preferred lineup builder for baseball over the last couple years has been LineupHQ on RotoGrinders. Here’s a range of the settings that I’d recommend using if you’re taking an MME approach in KBO on DraftKings: Build Rules Hitter Range of Outcomes: 0% – 20% Pitcher Range of Outcomes: 0% […]

Should you fade the chalk in KBO?

While it may seem logical to just lump MLB and KBO together as “baseball” and approach both leagues the same way in DFS, it really should be looked at differently. The first thing that comes to mind is with the popular plays. More than probably any other league, the groupthink is massive for KBO and […]