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Building an NFL Playoff Challenge Lineup

There are some tremendously fun options for fantasy throughout the NFL playoffs and one of my favorites is the FFPC Playoff Challenge. Use this link for $25 off at FFPC for new users who enter either Playoff Challenge contest! In this format, users select 12 players (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 4 […]

The Rundown: XFL Week Five

It’s rundown time boys and girls – and if you’re following me on Twitter you’ll know we are coming off a super successful week four! All the pieces fell into place and the stars-and-scrubs strategy was a banger (unless your star was Cam Phillips of course). As we seek out bargain bin value at the […]

The Rundown: XFL Week Four

It’s Rundown time, boys and girls – and we are coming off a late-breaking news Sunday afternoon that opened up a lot of opportunity for those who were paying attention. Just before kickoff of the LA/DC game, Saeed Blacknall and Elijah Hood were unexpectedly declared out. This serves as a fair reminder that in an […]

The Rundown: XFL Week Three

It’s Rundown time, boys and girls – and we are coming off an efficient DFS week where the market corrected in a major way. The winner of the DraftKings $10 Saturday Special (41k entries) was only 4.0 points shy of the optimal lineup. By comparison, the week prior’s champ was 23.0 points short. And as […]

The Rundown: XFL Week Two

It’s Rundown time, boys and girls – and we have a lot to unpack after a week of live XFL action. As we dive into the data, it’ll be important for us to adjust expectations in accordance with what we’ve seen. What we must also be cognizant of is a temptation to OVER-adjust. So, while […]

The Runback: Recapping XFL Week One

I don’t want to hold a coronation too quickly but the XFL couldn’t have asked for a much better opening weekend of action. The television coverage was fantastic – stadium attendance was great – TV viewership was even better. The fans even enjoyed the rule changes which added excitement without feeling overly gimmicky. In DFS, […]

Insider’s Beat: Interview with New York Guardians Reporter Geoff Maglioccheti

Welcome back to another XFL Insider Report, this time I’m joined by Geoff Maglioccheti. He’ll be the beat reporter for the New York Guardians for Elite Sports NY this year.   Check out Geoff on Twitter! 

The Rundown: XFL Week One

Welcome, everybody to The Rundown, our flagship piece of content here at NumberBall. Ordinarily, you’ll get cash plays, GPP plays, value options, contrarian options, and more. But for this week one edition, I wanted to just focus on optimal plays and available information given the upstart nature of the league and the pure chaos and […]