Leland Snyder

Leland is the lead soccer contributor at NumberBall and brings success as a DFS player, deep personal knowledge of the game, and experience as a writer. Leland has been grinding out a consistent profit playing DFS since he started regularly playing back in 2016.  Leland has also been a lifelong fan of the beautiful game (COYS!) and he has also played at a high level. Thus, it was only natural that he had an inclination towards focusing on soccer DFS. Once Leland realized he was having consistent success playing DFS he decided he wanted to help others by sharing his knowledge. In 2017, he started his own site, dfsadviser.com. There, he shared his own research and analysis for EPL slates and also wrote numerous general DFS strategy articles.

Leland’s content at NumberBall intertwines an understanding of tactics and game flow with relevant data and his personally developed metrics in order to provide subscribers with the most comprehensive soccer DFS content available. His primary goal is not merely to help NumberBall subscribers win money, but to become better soccer DFS players in the process.

Latest Content from Leland Snyder

EPL Rundown: Saturday 1.16

Welcome back all! We’ve been blessed with a 4-match slate for Saturday and I happen to think it’s a great one since there is no overwhelming favorite and there are viable pieces from almost every team on the slate. As you’ll see in the sheet below, a ton of players project very closely on this […]

EPL Rundown: Tuesday 1.12

There was no EPL action over the weekend so I thought I’d put together a rundown for the Tuesday early afternoon slate – particularly because the $50K main GPP is more than we typically even see on a Saturday slate. It’s just a 2-gamer but luckily it is simultaneous kickoff. Manchester United are the only […]

EPL Rundown: Saturday 1.2

We are back at it with a 3-game staggered start EPL slate on Saturday morning. A few important notes on this slate: (1) We’re in the middle of EPL holiday fixture congestion and unforeseen rotation is always possible. Don’t count on any player starting in the later two matches and always have a pivot in […]

EPL Rundown: Tuesday 12.29

Alright, alright, alright. I am excited ladies and gentlemen and I’m excited because FINALLY, we have a 4-match slate with all matches kicking off at once. It’s beautiful. Another thing I’m excited about is the fact that I think there is going to be a nice edge for us on this slate. Pricing is pretty […]

EPL Rundown: Saturday 12.26

Merry Christmas everyone! Boxing Day is a big day for EPL matches – I’m a little surprised DK didn’t go with a 5 game slate here but the plus is that we have two early matches kicking off at the same time followed by one late match. This means we only have to deal with […]