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About Josh Culp

The journey started in the Heartland for Josh who grew up in Iowa and then moved to North Dakota after college. That gave him plenty of free time to hone his fantasy sports craft. He now calls Minnesota home after a stint in the Rockies.

Starting in the world of fantasy baseball and basketball, Josh quickly shifted his focus to golf when he got into real-life golf and was hooked from that point on. The lack of available golf data at the time forced him to start manually tracking a lot of numbers that he was interested in. As time went on, he built a large data-set full of split stats, golfer quotes, and course profiles.

Spending most of his time with his head in a golf spreadsheet anyway, Josh decided to make it his full-time “work” by writing for sites like Rotoworld and Rotogrinders. He even started a podcast called the Fantasy Golf Happy Hour back in the day but gradually found out that written content is more his style.

Josh specializes in the research and information side of the fantasy golf world. He’s always diving deeper and testing theories to determine which statistics really matter in a sport that is full of misleading stats.

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