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Jeff Collins (known as JeffElJefe across the industry, more about him here) leads our NFL content a year after winning over a million dollars in the sport. Few can even compete with his DFS resume having won over $2M in just the last year, but winning $1M on the same day he finished 2nd in an NFL Live Final may never be matched. On top of that, one of his subscribers finished 2nd for $400k in that same million dollar contest! He was also given an award for his writing abilities by the Fantasy Sports Writers’ Association and prides himself on a level of transparency that often results in his subscribers battling it out with him at the top of tourneys.

He has an unrivaled ability to make complicated things accessible to the everyday player, and he loves to teach. Jefe shows more “behind the curtain” strategies than anyone else out there, and opens up his playbook for NumberBall subs.

The NFL is starting to come around with an open mind to more advanced analytics, and Jeff is someone that wants to push that forward. Rather than just your typical analysis built around narratives and guesswork, he spends all week projecting market share, pace, and adjusted matchups. Jeff can tell you run/pass frequency based on game situation and why certain personnel matchups would result in more snaps for a player that nobody knew would be relevant. People will tell you football is completely random. We’ll tell you how to capitalize on the randomness.

He’s friends with many of the DFS pros that also play the highest stakes every day — guys that get his advice before finalizing their lineups, many of which are using his projections.

You’ll get a clear opinion on the slate rather than multiple people disagreeing about who you should or shouldn’t play. You’ll know who NumberBall is on so that you can be on the same guys and we can share in the victory or defeat together. It won’t be about having the same lineup, but rather identifying the players that can separate us from the pack. You will have been taught everything you need to know about roster construction and different strategies to empower you to build the best lineups possible.

What you’ll get in our NFL package:

Weekly Rundown Article

This article will be written by Jeff every week of the regular season and contains slate-driven insights that dive into the specifics of that week’s matchups, but regularly with an eye towards teaching bigger concepts. Instead of just telling you the players that are expected to do well, you’ll get the reasoning behind whether you should use that player or not. Let’s be honest, it’s not that difficult to be on the obvious plays of the week. What’s tough is identifying the leverage situations that low ownership could propel an otherwise average play into a tournament winning necessity. A tournament fade at each position is included most times, though he won’t force something that isn’t there. You’ll know which of the most popular players on the slate won’t be used in Jeff’s lineups along with the super contrarian ones that he’s using to win millions.

Weekly Live Show
There will be a weekly live show much like the Rundown that will walk you through the slate and discuss the most relevant players and why you should or shouldn’t have interest in them.

Strategic content
There are articles and/or podcasts weekly that cover concepts like game selection, predictive stats, and lineup reviews/analysis, plus simple AMAs to answer subscriber questions.

A combination of stats we’ve curated and stats we’ve created. The best, easiest to understand, and most predictive stats available in an easy-to-understand layout.

Ownership Projections
Provided for FanDuel and DraftKings in partnership with our friends at UF Collective – these are the same ownership projections that Jeff used to help identify low-owned players (like 1% Derrick Henry and 4% Marlon Mack) in his big wins last year. Content will often reference this projected ownership.

NumberBall Projections
The NumberBall projection system considers Vegas lines, game script, and player usage to create a comprehensive projection so that the ideal plays end up in your lineup. Stats are adjusted based on defensive matchups as well to give you an edge over your opponents. This system has a proven track record and has been made even better for this season.

NFL DFS Optimizer
With optimizers being a key part of the industry these days you want to sign up with the smartest and fastest available and nobody can beat the optimizer you’ll get at NumberBall. Built by James McCool and Mike Wu, the NumberBall NFL DFS Optimizer runs on logic you won’t find anywhere else in the industry and runs faster than anything you’ve ever seen, giving you the edge you need to compete in large field tournaments and cash games alike.

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