About NumberBall

NumberBall is the brainchild of Jeff (JeffelJefe) Collins, one of the most successful DFS players of all time. On the heels of what many refer to as best year in DFS tournament history (more on that here), Jeff decided to create a place where he could teach the methods that brought him to the top of the mountain and give him a platform to give back.

NumberBall was created to give DFS players of all skill levels a way to improve their abilities by learning from the best. Not only do we provide information that you won’t find anywhere else, we show you how to get it yourself. We use innovative statistics and tools to always gain an edge on the field and will walk you through how to use them. Joining NumberBall is empowering yourself to be as good as you can be in Daily Fantasy Sports through articles, podcasts, videos, and hands-on learning.

Whether you’re new to DFS or you’ve been playing since Condia was a thing, NumberBall is built to help you get better. Every day we’re learning too, and we’d love to have you along for the ride.

Quality > Quantity

When your site has 12 writers covering any given slate, you’re going to write everyone up. Who does that help?

NumberBall is about teaching to a distinct point of view on today’s slate. Right or wrong, you’re going to clearly understand how we think things are going to shake out, and how we arrived at those conclusions.

Teach the process

Give a man a fish, he’ll always be a fish. Teach a man to fish, he’ll make a lot of money off of fish (pretty sure that’s how the saying goes?).

We don’t just give out picks and lineups, we show you how to dissect a slate yourself, every single day.

Our strategic library of content teaches the evergreen strategies Jeff has used to dominate the industry; stuff like contest selection, predictive stats, spreadsheet modeling, and so much more

Be good people

Ever been on DFS twitter? It’s…interesting. We’re just gonna try to be kind, do right be people, and not beef. Because this is fake sports, so maybe we should not scream and yell at each other. Full disclosure sometimes we mess this one up but we’re trying…

About Jeff Collins

Working in the Fantasy Sports industry since 2012, Jeff has witnessed Daily Fantasy Sports from every angle: business, content, and as a player. He’s been featured in the New York Times, the L.A. Times, numerous books including Dan Barbarisi’s “Dueling with Kings”, and some documentary films including Jason Baumgardner’s “Perfect Lineup”.

On the business side he worked with several startup operators in direct competition with FanDuel and DraftKings. Jeff brought a player’s perspective to the product side of things and was innovative with new features that you see the bigger sites now implementing today.

Content has always been a passion for him, so the opportunity to write for RotoGrinders early in his career was something to jump at. Jeff hosted popular shows for MLB, NBA, and NFL content and often focused on teaching a contrarian approach long before it was cool to do so.

Jeff’s run as a player has been highlighted by what many refer to as the best year in DFS tournament history. It started by beating a 135 entry field to win $500k in the 2018 DraftKings Fantasy Baseball World Championship. Then he upped the ante by beating over 17,000 entries to win a million dollars in the FanDuel Fan Championship *on the same day* that he finished 2nd in their World Fantasy Football Championship (for another $200k). Wanting to keep the ball rolling during basketball season, he again finished 2nd (and 9th), this time in the FanDuel World Fantasy Basketball Championship ($200k+).

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