About NumberBet

Thanks for visiting NumberBet.com – a site dedicated to making bettors better and having loads of fun together along the way. We hang our hats on being the best instructors possible in the world of sports betting. While you’ll find plenty of sites dedicated to handing out picks, you won’t find any as dedicated to improving your skill. And we plan on dishing out some awesome recommendations along the way too.

We hang our hat on three core principles – process-focused education, proven algorithms/models, and radical transparency.


Anyone can make picks – very few can teach you how to consistently put yourself in positive expected value situations. The world of sports betting is full of landmines meant to entice you into bad decisions. At NumberBet, we teach you how to recognize and avoid these situations. We will be covering everything we can think of including banrkoll management, calculating odds, understanding probability, contest selection, building models, and so much more.


You’ll be hearing from analysts who are so disciplined in their process that they have built their own models and algorithms to help them succeed against efficient Vegas lines. We will be sharing the results of these models with you, the subscriber, so that we can all succeed together. What’s more important is that you understand what these models consider and what they don’t so that you can always feel confident that you are making an informed decision.


While nobody can promise guaranteed success, we at NumberBet can ensure that we stand by our recommendations and track every pick that we publish. After all, process is important, but results matter. We also insist on the highest degree of ethics, meaning we will only publish accessible lines. You will not find stale lines that are no longer available. You will not see us waffling to hedge our recommendations. 


This whole sports betting thing is supposed to be fun. I hope we will make a few bucks on the path to success, but I also hope we will have a great sweat together as a community. If you’d like to #SweatTheBet with us, we’d love to have you join us today.

For more info on what we are all about, read our NumberBet Manifesto here.

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