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About NBA

Jeff Collins (known as JeffElJefe across the industry, more about him here) and Hunter Jumper (@JumpaHoo) co-lead our NumberBall NBA Content.

Jeff brings an unrivaled combination of DFS success and sustained content excellence. He’s been involved in DFS in almost every imaginable way since the early days, and been successful as a player (highlighted by a 2018 run that saw him win $1M in the FanDuel NFL Players Championship, a Live Final win, and multiple other Live Final top 10s), a contributor (FSGA NBA Writer of the Year), as well as helping build the industry by working with several DFS companies.

He founded NumberBall out of his desire and ability to make complicated things accessible to the everyday player — he loves to teach. He is known for his transparency, shows more “behind the curtain” strategies than anyone else out there, and opens up his playbook for NumberBall subs.

Hunter brings experience as a high-level athlete (two-time NCAA Soccer champ at Virginia, played professionally for the Chicago Fire) and an extremely successful DFS player. His desire and ability to teach made him a natural fit for Numberball, and he brings his analytical talents to bear on every NBA slate he writes up.

Together, they take a data-driven approach to solving the puzzle that is NBA DFS. Hunter dives deep into specific plays that he’s interested in (or fading!), while Jeff takes a bigger picture view to help you understand the NumberBall view of the slate.

What you’ll get in our NBA Package:

Daily Rundowns/Jump Shots
Jeff’s NBA Rundown is the article format that won him the FSGA NBA Writer of the year award, so we think it’s great, but you don’t have to take our word for it! His focus is to bring you the best plays of the day in an easily digestible form, while giving you the insights you need to build your own process and the pivots you need to adjust to late-breaking injury news.

Hunter dives deeper into the “why” of specific plays for a longer view of the slate. His insights give you the confidence you need to attack the NBA slate every single night.

Here is an example Rundown and Jump Shot

Strategic Content
Here at NumberBall we believe in teaching concepts, not just handing out lineups. As such, we place a heavy emphasis on our evergreen strategic content, which can help every NumberBall sub to develop their own research process. We cover concepts like game selection, predictive stats, and lineup reviews/analysis, plus simple AMAs to answer subscriber questions.

Here is an example

Ownership Projections
Provided for FanDuel and DraftKings in partnership with our friends at UF Collective – these are the ownership projections that the pros use. They are provided for all main slates with five games or more.

Player Projections/Optimizer
With a Tools or All-in subscription, you get access to the same projections we use to build our NBA lineups every night. Projections are important in any sport, but crucial in NBA, and we work hard to fine-tune these projections throughout the season.

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