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We don’t just give out lineups.
We make DFS players better.



NumberBall is great teaching from a guy who’s been to the top of the mountain more than a few times, and wants to show you how to meet him there.

Jeff Collins created this site in the midst of a run where he finished 1st (MLB), 2nd (NFL), 2nd (NBA) in consecutive seasons at FanDuel and DraftKings Live Final Championships. In the middle of that heater, he beat out over 17,000 entries to win $1 Million in the FanDuel Fan Championship event.

He also loves to teach, and he’s pretty good at it too, evidenced by another win from last year from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (hey when you’re hot, you’re hot).

We don’t promise six figure GPP wins (although we’ve helped a lot of people do just that). We show you how to make smart plays and avoid the pitfalls that plague even the regular DFS grinders. We’re here to make you better at DFS – it’s that simple.

At NumberBall you’ll be able to find information and strategy pertaining to nearly every major sport, with new sports being added throughout the year. This is your one stop for everything DFS related.

Don’t settle for anything less.



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Daily Rundown Article

Includes Positional Rankings, Pitching Commentary, Favorite Stacks and Contrarian Plays. Everything you need to attack today’s slate

Daily Podcast or Live Show

An hour of analysis usually in podcast form, but occasional via live streams with Advanced Stats, Matchups, Weather, Vegas Impact, and more

Weekly strategy/teaching content

Articles and Podcasts dedicated to different strategy topics in DFS: Avoiding Overlap, Stacking, How to be Contrarian, and lots more

Monthly Teaching Workshops

Deep dives into Mass Multi Entry, Full Research Process, How to Build a Projection Model , Goal Setting, and more

Ownership Projections

The same ownership projections that the pros use provided by UFCollective for both FanDuel and DraftKings, updated in real time

And More

We’re always cooking up more content - you won’t be disappointed.

The NumberBall Projection System is available on RotoGrinders

Jeff used this system in what many refer to as the best year in DFS Tournament history, and now you can get access to the same toolset he used to win. This system encapsulates his unique ability to find angles early and exploit them before the rest of the mainstream DFS community catches up. It includes all the basics of a good projections system like batter/pitcher matchups, ballparks, and Vegas impact as well as more advanced nuances based on custom proprietary stats that he has developed and refined every year.

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Best teacher of the game….ever

- @Tsmash1988

I always loved the format of the rundown. Was clear and concise, very easy to consume the data and construct a lineup. Too many touts in the industry write a lot of words but never really take a firm stance on anything.

- @RickyTippett

Great to have you back. Been listening to you for about a year now can’t wait to keep learning from you.

- @bp3352